Conditional Weekly List

Discussion created by ChadBarnard on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by erolst

I currently have a layout where I list out which crews are doing which projects for the current week.


When I had only one trip attached to a job, everything was fine, but now the company wants to track multiple trips for one project.  I now have the followed fields that show up on the job record:





I have the same fields for the second and third trips, and I'm using a drop-down to determine which fields to display at any given time.  All of that makes sense and works fine while on the individual job record.


How do I set up a search that will display a list of the appropriate jobs w/ the appropriate crew names depending on the week?  For instance some jobs will need to reference first trip crews and some jobs will need to reference second trip crews.


I figured that I would have to create a different field (AssignedCrewComposite) to be used to insert the appropriate crew name by way of a Set Field calculation.  In conjunction with an If/Else If/ Else statement, I tried to do this, but it only enters in the crew name for the first record - all of the remaining records in the list are blank.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.