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Why Wont my Barcodes Scan on the Right side of the Page

Question asked by fratinize on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 28, 2016 by fratinize

I have a Layout that Has a Barcode. I Print out my 6 Iems that Show up on this One Page, Scans Just Fine. I Really want to be able to Add two Colums in order to get more Barcodes on one page, So i Went to Layout and Changed How it Prints to Add the Second Colum. This Works Great, Looks Good It is exactly What I am Looking for. Printed it, but Only the Left Colum is scannable, Works as Expected, but the Right Side Will not Scan. When I Look at the Preview in Filemaker, There appears to Be Some Grey. Why How Do I get rid of that and Is that What is Preventing the left side barcodes to be read by the scanner?