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Database structure for travel agency

Question asked by alexisp on May 28, 2016
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Good day,

I am building a database for a travel agency, and looking for the best/most efficient way to go about doing it.



Basically, we're dealing with 3 categories of services providers that have particular details associated to them:

1- HOTELS: location (city), types of rooms, price per room, additional services

2- TRANSPORTATIONS: location (city), types of vehicles, price per car and per transfer, language spoken by the driver

3- GUIDES: location (city), cost per service, per hour, per half-day, per day



The requirements of the database structure:

* Through a unique search module, being able to find any service provider and display the particular details associated to it

* Building an itinerary quoting system, that begins with a unique client ID, then pulls out from the databases the required information to build an itinerary. I am thinking: begin with connecting the client ID with the current quote. Begin the quote: a first drop down would list the locations offered. A second dropdown would list the categories to choose from (hotels, transportation, guides).

-> Based on the previous selection, a third dropdown would list the service providers from the category selected in the location selected, the products that they offer and the price associated with each one.

* Selecting a product would "save it" along with the provider details, and it should start building an itinerary that includes hotels, transportations, guides, etc. over various days. And that would calculate a global price including various products.

* Finally, the product selected would populate an agenda, that can be retrieved day by day. (i.e. today, the following activities have been scheduled for the clients, with the following service providers...). Eventually, it would send a confirmation email.



Any thoughts are welcome !!


Thank you, Alexis