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Display one photo to multiple records via portal?

Question asked by brerick on May 29, 2016
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I am developing an archaeology database and am trying to relate one photo to multiple records.  I am using FileMaker 14 Pro  We dig in "units" (i.e. each thing we dig, like a floor, a wall, an ash heap, etc. receives a unit number).  One photo might have multiple units in it.  I am trying to make it so I can add one photo and relate that photo via a portal to multiple "unit cards."  At the moment, I can relate the photo for only one unit but cannot figure out how to add multiple units so the same photo will appear within the portal for multiple records.


Here is an example of what I am trying to do:  Picture 1 shows three units:  Unit 100 (a floor), Unit 101 (a pit), and Unit 102 (dirt fill).  I need to add Picture 1 to my "Photos" database, but I need that photo to appear on the individual record forms (via portal) for Unit 100, Unit 101, and Unit 102. 


If my description isn't clear enough, I can grant someone guest access to the database to see what I mean.


Thank you in advance!