ODBC issues with 64 bit applications

Discussion created by lechi001 on May 29, 2016
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I'm using the FileMaker ODBC driver on Windows to access a FM database via .NET. So far everything works great. The only issue (apart from some smaller ones) is that I cannot run my .NET application in 64 Bit mode as I get a System.OverflowException when I use IDataReader.GetTableScheme() with a table that contains container fields (other tables work). This issue also prevents me from using DSN-less configuration as this works only with 64 Bit for a 64 Bit FileMaker installation. Any help would be appreciated.


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var command = new OdbcCommand(request.Query, session.Connection);

using (var reader = command.ExecuteReader())


var schema = reader.GetSchemaTable(); //Throws the exception in 64 Bit only



My setup:

FileMaker Pro Advanced 15

Windows 10

FileMaker ODBC Driver

.Net 4.5.2