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Radio button not selectable

Question asked by scottz on May 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by SteveMartino

This concerns a layout created in FM7 and I am now using FM13


I have a layout that has 4 radio buttons.  They are all designed to use a value list containing the values of "Yes"/"No".  Each of them uses a different value list (I know I should change them to use the same one).  There are no scripts or anything else running on this layout.


I am not able to select either yes or no when I am entering new records.  If I find records that were entered in FM7, the values show up, but since moving to FM13, I've been unable to enter new values.  Pop-up menu types work fine, but they are getting data from fields in the table and not custom value lists.


Also, when viewing in layout mode, the radio button fields display with a yellow magnifying glass on the right side while all other fields.


Any thoughts?