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XML in a text field - export as .xml without invisible characters or other formatting added.

Question asked by on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by beverly


I have been struggling with a problem involving XML.

Basically the XML is constructed (calculated) from record data as a variable and then inserted via set field into a text field. The XML at this stage if left completely alone format wise and  saved as an .xml file and transmitted to the target Api  would perform the requisite functions I need.


Here are some issues I've found

  • When I copy the text into 'TextEdit' and then save the file as a .XML it will not work - syntax error
  • When I copy the text into 'TextWrangler' and then save the file as an .XML it will work, I can post it to the API - appropriate response- Good.
  • I'm told text edit adds some type of 'byte' character you cannot see and TextWrangler does not.
  • When I 'export field contents' as file.xml - it does not work - I assume it is adding extras that disrupt the actual contents.
  • I need UTF-8 output.
  • I don't know how to create an xslt for XML transformation


I need an unadulterated .xml file containing exactly the text in my text field and nothing else.


Is there an export field or record option, or plugin that would help me achieve this?

Alternatively is there an existing XSLT that would transform the text into an XML corresponding exactly to the text in the field - no additions, or modifications whatsoever? - i.e allow me to use the 'export records as XML' functionality.