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32 bit versus 64 bit installation when interfacing with Quickbooks

Question asked by wild4 on May 29, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by cto

We are installing FileMaker 15 with three clients and FM server. We will integrate Quickbooks with FileMaker as our bookkeeper uses this for our accounting needs ... but for the rest of us we are going to be more comfortable working with FileMaker making and printing invoices, statements, PO's and the like. I understand there are plugins that can make this happen, but I am confused about which version ... re:  32 bit and/or 64 bit FileMakers to install, to work best together and interfacing with Quickbooks. Anybody have experience here? I've heard that Quickbooks is only 32 bit and the plugins are 32 bit as well (looking online), but it seems to me that 64 bit will work better on our Windows 10, 64 bit machines ... I don't know. Is 32 bit backwards compatible with 64 and it will all work if we use 32 on one machine and 64 on another? Our accountant's workstation is running 7 pro (were thinking of upgrading to 10) and is only a dual core, but all the other machines are running quad core and Win 10 pro. I will be running FM Pro advanced on my machine and figure I should go with 64 bit. For all the clients to talk to each other, through the server, do we need to all be one or the other (32, 64 bit) and what is the best choice?