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    external file path


      Hello everyone,

      I have a folder on desktop with a primary database file.

      One, two, or three additional secondary databases might be added, but only after user agreement.

      In the primary database I have already planned buttons to open the secondary databases but I wish those buttons hidden if a secondary databases are not inside the folder.

      This should be for both Mac and Win.


      Any clue ?

      Thanks, Victor

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          You can make agreement table and make a record in agreement process, then "hide object when" calculation something like

          not ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM agreement" ; "" ; "" )


          Additional databases can be hold in container field of primary, then export it in the agreement process.

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            Markus Schneider

            Create placeholder-db's that are delivered with the main file. So, the references (sources...) are present and a script can call values from those (ie 0 or 'not installed'). Call that script on startup and set $$Var's, hide buttons according to the values of the $$...