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Using web viewer to obtain a static google map, previously worked on FM14 but now not on FM15

Question asked by kongphui on May 30, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by kongphui

I have been using a web view to obtain a static google map, and it worked for FM13.  When I have upgraded to FM14, it did not displayed correctly, and the map was cropped.  But I have got a solution from the discussion here, and added these to the html:


<body style='border=0;overflow:hidden'>

<body topmargin=0>

<body leftmargin=0>


and it worked for FM14 to show the map properly.  However, with FM15, the map has shrank to a smaller size inside my web viewer, which I do not know if there are things to be added in my html in order to make it work properly in FM15.  This problem is seen on FileMaker Pro 15 on mac.


On the iPad, the map will not even display when running with FileMaker Go 15.


If anyone has encountered similar issues and got a solution, please share with me.  Thank you.