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Dropdown depending on tab

Question asked by Tanner on May 30, 2016
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I have got 3 tabs. Names are e.g. Chief, Employee, assistants.

Company have got 2 Chiefs, 5 assistants and 20 Empoyees.


If I want to make an entry on each tab, only the relevant persons should be shown in the list and not every employees in the company.



1. Click on the first tab.

2. Click on the field Name --> List of Employees should be shown but ONLY Name of the CHIEFS.

3. The Assitant work on the same projects, so they notice also their spent time in the project. They click on the tap "Assistant" and only the group assitants should be shown and not the chiefs.


I have triedseveral ways. With SQLExecute and Select statement I get a list but not seperated in dropdown.


How I can realize it?