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    What is Breakkfield?!


      I want to use GetSummary in a calculation field, but I don't know how to do it? What is summary field and break field?


      For example, below is a related portal from a cash advance table. What I want to do is to sum up the unpaid cash advanced from employees (when the status is "pending" & "processing". However, if I simply created a summary field, it will calculated all the cash advanced from a certain employee regardless the status is.


      Therefore, I am thinking to use Case calculation but I am stuck by the GetSummary formula as I never use it before. Can anyone give me a tip?



      Screenshot 2016-05-30 19.47.34.png

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          GetSummary() is a great function, but not what you need here.


          You can try this:


          In your Cash Advanced table, create a calculation field cAmountUnpaid as


          Case ( status = "Pending" or status = "Processing" ; amount )


          Create a summary field Total of: cAmountUnpaid


          Display that summary field on the portal layout.

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