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    login problem after windows update


      My friend told me this problem.


      That application was built by using FileMaker pro 8.5 many years ago. And there's no problem at all during those period.

      But two weeks ago he met by login problem just after updating Windows OS. This problem happened at Windows 7 and 10.

      Application start OK, but authorization problem happened when he entered correct login information.

      On his asking, I tried to login at different machine which has older version of those OS. But the same result.

      This application does not use server and any other internet connection.


      Do you have any kind of advice for this? I searched and found one case similar to this, but there's no answer.

      Problems after Windows Updates - FileMaker Server 11 - FMForums.com

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          Per the advice of that other post, you can try to uninstall and reinstall any of the filemaker software from the system.


          However anything before version 12 has already reached the end of the support lifecycle. If you want compatibility with modern OS systems, you should update to newer versions of filemaker that were built with those OS systems in mind.


          Filemaker 11 came out six years ago now.

          FileMaker announces end of support for FileMaker 11 product family | FileMaker

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            Thank you for your kind advice.

            But I already tried that with FMP14. It's the same after upgrading DB file.

            I can't understand why this happen, especially because the app was not developed by me.

            So I'm looking for any clue to understand this situation.

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              Maybe it's blocked by your firewall or virus scanner.

              We had the same problem with forticlient

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                Can you contact the original developer for support?


                Credentials don't change in the conversion from .fp7 -> .fmp12, so the username and password should still function normally.


                What exactly does the login error say? Does it say it can not locate the file, or that the credentials supplied are invalid? Or does it say that you are not authorized to perform that action?

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                  Thank you for your fresh advice.

                  I tired your tip, but failed.

                  FYI, I tried this on newly installed Windows 7 Ultimate OS with firewall off. There's no antivirus program.

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                    Unfortunately the developer passed away a few month ago. So this situation happen.


                    The password is correct. But it seems like there's authorization phase after log-in.

                    It just says authorization failed, "not authorized to access this file"


                    BTW, where's credential normally? There's only dll files except application and DB files.

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                      credentials are embedded into the database itself, everything is inside of the .fp7 file. Anything else is dealing with the filemaker program, which is separate from your file, definitely don't want to be touching any DLL files.


                      If you have a copy of filemaker pro advanced, go under tools > script debugger, then try to open the file. This will catch any scripts that are running when you login and hopefully allow you to stop or bypass them, or figure out what's wrong.


                      If it's a mission-critical file, you should look into hiring a consultant help you restore access.

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                        Thank you for your kind explanation.

                        I tried to use script debugger, but it requested another ID and password for the access.

                        This ID is different from log-in ID, so I failed.

                        For now, it seems like requesting for help of consultant is the only way.

                        Where could I find someone who could solve this?


                        BTW, I still don't understand why this happen. What could affect the authorization?

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                          It appears you've lost access to the  account for the file.


                          Unfortunately the only way to reset that is by using a password recovery cracker on the file. Which can corrupt the file but restore access at least to retrieve your data.


                          It's grey area in terms of legality (in essence you'd be hacking/stealing the original developers account), depending on your original agreement with the unfortunately deceased developer.


                          Given it's questionable legality, I will not link to, recommend or instruct on it's use. However if you were to google around, you can find the software to crack files fairly easily.


                          I am assuming since it's old it is not encrypted. Newer files can be encrypted-at-rest which makes it completely immune to the cracker software.


                          I will warn again, do not use any cracked files in production, they can be severely damaged by being cracked.

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                            Thank you for your advice.

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                              If the [User Name:] in the Preferences, General tab, is not the same as the one used when the file was made it will reject all other login attempts even if the info is correct.  You need that name. to input when you first attempt to open the file.