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Portal filtering assist needed.

Question asked by Stigge on May 31, 2016
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This is really hard to explain what i need help with.. think i rewrote it like 10 times... :/

so please try to understand =D


Am having 2 portals. both capturing from a log table.

The first captures all logins.

The second is to show what have been changed during inlogged period.


what i have so far:

portal 1 works fine. i have the starting date from that and ID. ID works fine.. Portal 2 is showing all items each ID have made. like it should.


Now i need to show the logs only after loged in date, and before the next login.. only way i can  get the "before next login" is to use the next portal field in the portal.. but it needs to know the correct ID.


example formel (own made to be able to explain):

go to previus portal record, if ( previus ID = ID) set "End date" else to to next.   <--- but i dont know how to do that in the portal filtering =( if its even possible.


This is the fields: