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svg images into container fields

Question asked by Wicktor on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by user19752

Hello everyone,

I am using png images of B/W shapes inside container fields (300 dpi with size 4x bigger than what is needed for the layout).

I am quite unhappy of the results when I try to manage the output with calculations using getthumbnail function since the images appear poor of sharpness when the calculation makes then very small (9 x 9 for example).

Questions 1: am I missing something or is this a limitation of FM14 ?

I tried to switch  to svg format: I did my homework trying to understand svg formats for FM14 but didn't find how to...

I produced svg files with Illustrator but I am unable to import them into layouts and/or container fields.

Question 2: what should I do ?

Thank you for your kind help,