FMServer Error 643 Schedule

Discussion created by jeanius2 on May 31, 2016
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I'm getting this error for a script which generally runs at night when my customers are closed. It's on FM 11 Server. It's happened sporadically for a while and it may clear this time too but I'd love to resolve it once and for all.


How can I find what script step it is barking about? The exact message is "2016-05-31 11:23:58.837 -0400  Error  643  Almost Perfect Filemaker Server  Schedule "Nightly Timetracking Total" aborted; unsupported script step."


In the past I've been able to run it after the fact and it would succeed but it's not doing that now.


It is basically a loop - time tracking daily totals for 12 stores with multiple employees each - and some stores complete, about 7. So, I don't think it's a specific script step as much as some error it's encountering.


Someone said in an older thread there was a place FM server stored where it stopped or what script step was problematic. Can anyone point me at that? Other ideas?

Thanks so much for any help!