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Vacation Time

Question asked by on May 31, 2016

I'm wondering if someone can please point me in the right direction.


The number of vacation days that are accrued here are based off of how long you have worked here. I have no problem calculating those days based on the time you have been here. However, those days are only supposed to calculate based on how long you have been here on January 1st UNLESS it's your first year here.


For example:

If you have been here less than a year, you receive a new vacation and sick day each month until you hit your max of 10.


So our vacation days are based on the following:

<10 months, you get one vacation day per month until you reach 10 days

>10 months - <5 years, you get 10 days

>= 5 years - <10 years, you get 15 days

>= 10 years - <15 years, you get 17 days



However, you only receive these days on January 1st of every year. So if I have been here for 5 years on January 1st, I get 15 days instead of the 10 I was getting. If I have not been here for 5 years on January 1st but I reach my 5 years this year on May 1st, I have to wait until the following January 1st to get the extra 5 days of vacation (so I have 10 days for the rest of this year). I'm just having an issue with the waiting until the following January 1st for it to calculate when I have new hires that have to automatically calculate each month as well. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!