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    Hiding an existing backend file on the server


      I have an existing file in FileMaker Server that I need to hide in the remote databases list, but it also needs to be accessible because it contains all the data for my front end files (forms).


      I now know that when you set a file for Network Sharing, there is a checkbox at the bottom "Don't display in Open Remote File dialog".  However the file is already being shared.  Can I go back and change this setting now that the file is shared?  If so what is the proper way of doing this?  I'm afraid of duplicating my file or screwing something up.


      Not sure if this matters but we are using FileMaker Pro Advance 15 and FileMaker Server 15.  




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          Just in case anyone else has this same question I found the answer.  Once a file is uploaded to the server you can hide it in the Launch Center by;


          1. Open the file. 
          2. Go to File -> Sharing -> Share with FileMaker Clients.
          3. In the FileMaker Network Settings box that appears check the box labeled "Don't Display in Launch Center".


          While it makes sense now, I never thought to look there to hide a file that was located on the server.  I thought that window was only for peer to peer settings.