Using different sort field with Getsummary function

Discussion created by laguna92651 on May 31, 2016
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I am running a sub-summary baseball hitting statistics report, that is using the getsummary function to calculate the on going YTD batting ave, BA, for the season. The break field for the getsummary is the Player_ID.


When I sort the report by Player_ID all works great, I get the calculated YTD batting average, BA, in the player's leading part summary as one would expect.


I would like to be able to sort players sub-summary by the YTD player batting average, decending, haven't been able to make that work and keep

the getsummary calculation working.

BA stats.png


In case it makes a difference, the game detail under each player is also on  sub-summary part, faux body part, instead of a body part. This was so I hide or show this game detail with a checkbox.