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How to display in a portal all children of a parent?

Question asked by Heidelberg on Jun 1, 2016
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I have a table with recipes and one with the about 500 records for ingredients. The ingredients list all nutrition-data and the price. The recipes contain up to 20 lines showing all ingredients in different order (i.e. in one eggs may be in the first line and in the next eggs might be in the fifth line).

The recipes-side has pull-downs in each line offering all ingredients for selection. Once I have selected a particular ingredient all related data is shown in the respected columns like for „Calories“, „Fat“, or „Cost/unit“. With a sum-function I can see for example the total calories or cost of a meal. I wonder if it was possible to show in a portal all recipes which for example require chopped almonds. At first I thought that must be simple but than I realized, that this was only possible if I had a firm kind of matrix per recipe where for example flour would always correspond with field #234. But that would make it difficult to display/read the individual recipes.

So far I only found the suggestion to use a third "join" table ( ).


Is there still another way to handle that?