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fm13 on fm14 server and 14 client paint issue

Question asked by wedge-eagle on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by wedge-eagle

I just moved a FM13 solution (i Don't have fm14 pro $) onto a hosted FM14 server (to get ssl - provider on offers ssl on 14 host) and also moved the Clients to FM14 GO.

Its all 99%Good.  But started having an intermittent problem with a Larger Layouts. That is a layout on the iPad that you Client user Scrolls down as they fill in more fields over a period of time  ~ 1 Hr (into the same record).  This is being served across the internet from the server to the client. It has been working fine on FM13 Server/GO13 client for 18+ months.  But now sometimes the background / fields do not display when scrolling down (like some packets are being lost or buffered). By scrolling up/down eventually the background/field layouts will show. (by that I mean the layout) the field input area already seems to be there as you can still select them with your finger even though you can't see where they are. 

I think go13 painted the whole layout at load and go14 as required with scroll ?


Does any body have any other ideas where I might look to resolve / or isolate this problem?

I can only think of -

  * re-doing the layout to be TABS with pages 1/2/3/4 - And still not sure if that will help.

  * Move clients back to Go 13 but still on fm14 server ( I tried that combination a few weeks ago) it seemed unstable as well. (I backed out - but that may ? have been caused by not clean rebooting go Clients when we move to  DB to the new server) 

  * Backout to server13/Go13  ... That works - but no ssl and not the way fwd.

  * Upgrade my dev to 14 and re-compile in 14  - Not sure if that will help or not, Plus $ and I will still have FM13 Pro clients. (or More $ for them as well).


Thanks for any idea's