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lookup not responding as expected?

Question asked by joelaw on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by joelaw

I am just starting and need help.  Many hours spent without proper result.


I am trying to build a Church database where I have designed a very nice Membership table and a Offering table.  I enter first name, last name into membership table and then calculate to pair the names together.  Since we have many people with the same last names I need to know which person has made an offering to account for amounts total.


In the Offering table I need to lookup the calculated field to use for the name.  I link the calculated names field to offering name.  When I enter a offering I must have both the last name and first name to see which person I need.  When I lookup this field I get a "?" instead of the name I want.


I can do a lookup on any other field in the Membership table and it is correct but when I try to see the calculated field it doesn't work as expected.


Cannot figure out what I am doing wrong?