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Speed slowdown in layout mode

Question asked by bpanhuyzen on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2017 by bpanhuyzen

Anyone seen this behaviour – a huge slowdown in FM's responsiveness in layout mode when FMPA has been used for awhile. Here's a demo after FM has been used for a couple of days since being restarted (though it can happen after just a few hours of work too); note I say "click" when I click:



Here are approximately the same actions after quitting and restarting FM:



This happened in FMPA14 and now is happening in FMPA15. May have happened in 13 too.


It happened on my old 2.7Ghz i5 iMac, and it is happening on my new 4.0Ghz i7 iMac, which is where the videos were captured. It happened with previous operating systems, and it's happening with the latest rev (and all previous revs) of El Capitan. I run dual displays; the secondary is a 22" Dell.


It's a pain to have to quit and the rebuild my workspace whenever this happens. Also, FM refuses to remember the position of my inspector pallets on the secondary screen. When I restart, it throws them all over the main screen again, and I have to drag them back into position on the second monitor – that one is for another post!