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Compare list A to List B

Question asked by steveoh on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by realgrouchy

Hey FM Devs


I've been working on a script that looks for any common links between two lists and so far my only method is quite cumbersome and in need of rethinking.  My database consists of 16000 customers and there are times when i need to associate a particular customer to a separate list we will call List B.


If Customer list = List A and the associated list is List B, what is the best method to find if a customer on List A exists on List B?



I tried using Patterncount ( [Record from list A] ; List B ) and going through the shorter list one by one, but this clearly did not work as I had expected it to due to my fundamental misunderstanding of pattern counting with lists.


This failure then evolved into my current long and tedious loop driven method of having each entry of List A compared with every entry of List B.  Again, highly tedious and time consuming, but it works, which is what I needed.


Is there a method to cut down the comparison rate that I am unaware of?  Perhaps Patterncount has a cousin that is more useful with lists.


Any advice would be appreciated.