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Create a "Chart by.." in the layout mode

Question asked by thomthom on Jun 1, 2016
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I am creating a database in order to registrer some archival documents. I thus created a layout called "Identification" where for each document I have a create a few fields (Document N°, title, date, colour of paper etc....).


When I am going into the Table view, for each field created, I can make a chart that will, for example, tell how many blue, red and green documents I have (I just need to click on "Chart by ..(name of the field)") and then I can save it as a new layout chart.


The problem is that, I don't know how to insert this new layout chart into the "Identification layout" so that I can directly see it ?


For the moment, I created a Button bar setup in the "Identification " layout with a single step action "Go to  new layout chart"


I tried to create similar graph when I am in the layout mode of my "identification layout" but it does really work.


Thank you for your help.