Popover does not show in Webdirect when button is hidden

Discussion created by brian.rtl on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by jfletch

Posting this as a hint for folks in the future who may run into this issue. Did a lot of searching of the Discussions and didn't see this issue addressed, only similar issues that were fixed with FMS 14.04. Currently using FMS 14 0.4.413 myself.


In order to prevent record-locking, I have a script that shows a popover with a global field when someone clicks on the target field to edit. The global is populated with the current data in the target field, and then when the popover is dismissed the target field is updated. Thanks to whoever posted this technique as I've found it quite useful.


However, while this worked great for FileMaker clients, the popover didn't pop with WebDirect and it was difficult to track down the cause. Finally I realized that this was happening because the popover itself button was hidden.


i had hidden the button for aesthetic reasons, as the button wasn't necessary since normal user behavior of clicking the field would trigger the "Show Object" for the popover. Having a button labeled "Edit" would be redundant. But with the button hidden, the popover itself wouldn't show when the script step Go To Object executed. Finally, I realized this and made the button visible again but put it behind the target field to effectively hide it again. Voila, all is well.