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How to find any of multiple values to evaluate companies

Question asked by ncbeach on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by erolst

Hi- I have a table (Scraped Data) of data scraped from thousands of companies' websites (records) and concatenated into one field for each company


I need to "query" the scraped data field for each company against lists of keywords that indicate what values to put into fields of a separate table of profiles on the companies (Company Profiles table) to show things like the products they sell, customers they serve, appropriateness of the site's content, etc.  Some of the keyword lists have hundreds of keywords. 


Please see the attached slide showing what I'm trying to do.


For example, if any keywords in the list indicating appropriateness of content (to detect profanity, sexual content, etc.) are found in the scraped data for a company, the field for content appropriateness in the profile of that company should read "Inappropriate Content". 


If keywords indicating they sell apparel are found, then "Apparel" should be added to the field for product categories sold for the relevant company(ies)


I've searched here, YouTube, etc., but am unable to figure out how I can "query" (or search/ find, etc.) the Scraped Data table against each table of keywords to determine what should go into each field within the Company Profiles and create output that can then be put into those profiles.


Any guidance you can give me on how to do this would be really, really appreciated.  Thanks a lot!