hasFocus not working for popover

Discussion created by jrenfrew Expert on Jun 2, 2016
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help says

1 if objectName has focus; otherwise, returns 0. Objects that can have the focus are fields, portals, tab panels, slide panels, buttons, popover buttons, popevers, charts, and groups. Also returns 1 for a portal when a portal row is selected.


Filemaker 14 and 15

OSX 10.11



Create a popover button, and name the popover

Go to it either by clicking the button or a scripted go to object

In the dataViewer the calculation getlayoutobjectattribute ( "your object name" ; "hasFocus" ) should now show 1

If you place a field on the popover, then click into it when the popover is open, then the calc getlayoutobjectattribute ( "your object name" ; "containsFocus" ) shows 1 as expected, but the has focus does not, as expected as the field now has the focus

Now click on the popover to select it and not the field, the 'contains focus' shows 0 but so does the 'has focus'. Which is incorrect