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Filemaker stopped working

Question asked by starocean1984 on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by patricia

Hello everybody,


Last week, i was working on a file on filemaker pro 13 on a windows 10 PC. The program wasn't responding and had to end it. After that, i can't open any filemaker file with the program. A dialog box open to choose a file but the program, who was opening in background before, doesn't open anymore and i can't get to open any database. After i open filemaker, i choose my file and just nothing happen. The filemaker icon appear in the task bar but nothing open and nothing happen when i click on it.


I tried multiple things but nothing seems to work on this session of the computer. I tried creating an other windows session and all is working fine on this. I just don't understand why the program won't open on my mains session so maybe some of you already experienced this problem and can help me.