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    Get (OmitRequestState) not refreshing


      Product and version: FileMaker 15 Adv (Mac)

      Hardware : iMac 27 2013, OSX 10.11.4



      The Get (OmitRequestState) is used to get the state the 'Omit' button in Find mode (0/1 ). Whilst results are evaluated correctly with the Data Viewer the results do not appear to being passed up to the layout layer.


      How to replicate

      Add a text object 'This is an Omit Request' to a layout with an object visibility calc to hide if the Omit state = 0. e.g.: Get (OmitRequestState) = 0. Now toggle the Include or "Omit" buttons in the Status bar – the Text object does nor refresh but the data viewer is correct.


      Workaround (if any)

      Give the Text object a name and use the Refresh Object on a layout Omit button. (This workaround is only really useful if you completely hide the Status Bar so the object can alway be refreshed manually.)

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          You could also tie the refresh to a custom menu omit item to trigger it as well as omitting the record. This should be trigger from the menu and I expect the status bar (but I may be wrong on that second point).

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            Thank you for your post.


            FileMaker Pro does not refresh the layout on all actions.  Going to Find mode does refresh the layout, but when you click "Omit", FileMaker does not need to refresh the layout, so the conditional formula does not re-evaluate.  Therefore, if you switch to a different Find request and back to the original request, the layout will be refreshed and the condition is activated.  Or, as you discovered, Refresh Object or a script with a Refresh Window will work.



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              Hi Gary, tx for that idea although we're not using custom menus in this solution. Tx Nick.

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                Hi. Tx for your reply and apols for the tardy response. The workarounds are not ideal and having FileMaker refresh the layout for the Omit/Include button, conditional formatting and the visibility calc would be welcomed in a future releasee. I have ended up hiding the status bar completely so the user has to toggle a scripted 'Omit" button which then displays the 'This is a Omit request' message. Tx again for getting back to me. Nick T.