Get (OmitRequestState) not refreshing

Discussion created by 1802562120 on Jun 2, 2016
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Product and version: FileMaker 15 Adv (Mac)

Hardware : iMac 27 2013, OSX 10.11.4



The Get (OmitRequestState) is used to get the state the 'Omit' button in Find mode (0/1 ). Whilst results are evaluated correctly with the Data Viewer the results do not appear to being passed up to the layout layer.


How to replicate

Add a text object 'This is an Omit Request' to a layout with an object visibility calc to hide if the Omit state = 0. e.g.: Get (OmitRequestState) = 0. Now toggle the Include or "Omit" buttons in the Status bar – the Text object does nor refresh but the data viewer is correct.


Workaround (if any)

Give the Text object a name and use the Refresh Object on a layout Omit button. (This workaround is only really useful if you completely hide the Status Bar so the object can alway be refreshed manually.)