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Document headers and footers

Question asked by paulwatts on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by paulwatts

A customer has asked me to set up a document management system using Filemaker but in a highly regulated industry. There are nearly 700 finished documents that are to be made available for her clients to read or, in some cases, to be filled in. This raises 2 issues. The first is the ongoing saga of how many licences she will need to service her clients with FMS15. However, I will let the dust settle before I address this one. The second problem is that each document must appear to the user with the client's own logo in the header (and should also appear in the header when they print the document). A related issue is that all documents must be "re-issued" every 12 months and so must be dated (in the footer) accordingly (whether or not they have been changed).


I can hold the documents (PDF, WORD or EXCEL) in container fields with external storage. I can hold the logos in other containers. I can identify which user relates to which logo. What I can't figure out is how to bring the documents and logos together when viewing or printing. A sledge hammer approach would be for my customer to copy all documents for each client organisation. This would create14,000 documents for 20 clients which would be unmanageable. I've then got the problem of re-dating each document at 12 monthly intervals.


I suspect that the solution lies outside of Filemaker but I would appreciate your thoughts and ideas as to how to deal with this one.


Thanks for your attention.