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FM Server Scheduled Scripts with "Send Mail" step not working

Question asked by thefedorcompany on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by Andy Hibbs

Hi there, Everyone,


I've encountered a weird problem with running a schedule script from FM Server 15. I had a script scheduled to check for email reminders set by my users and then send those email reminders from the "Send Mail" script step. I scheduled this script to run every 30 minutes on FM Server 14 and it was working great (successfully sending email reminders etc.).


Just upgraded to FM Server 15 yesterday and now this script isn't working. It's running and performing all other functions in the script correctly *except* for sending email. No emails are being sent from this scheduled script anymore.


Weird other fact: the script performs perfectly when I run it from my FMPA client; the script runs and sends reminders just fine.


Any ideas or directions that I can explore for troubleshooting?