FileMaker Pro 15 Client with FileMaker Pro 12 Server

Discussion created by gtorborg77 on Jun 2, 2016
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We have a FileMaker Pro 12 Server that we have been running since 2013 and it has served us well.  Most of the users run a virtualized version of FIleMaker Pro 12 using a Citrix server.  A few, though, have copies of the client locally installed on their machines, and these are various versions ranging from 12 through 14.  Until now, anyway.  One of the users just purchased a copy of FileMaker Pro 15 and discovered that she cannot connect to the Server 12.  It gives her this message: "...the IP address for the host does not support this version."  There seems to be nothing online to address this, so I'm coming to the community.  There seems to be no problem (as I also verified online) with opening databases created with 12 in version 15, but what about the server?  Yeah, yeah, I know we should upgrade the server, but is that the only way to do this?