Advanced Math (??) for a calculation...

Discussion created by RaphaelVang on Jun 2, 2016
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Hallo / Hi


I would like to make a calculation in FM Pro (10)  but I'm not sure how. Can someone help?


In an Orange-Farm, I have 11 people, each carrying a basket with 75 oranges.


Let's say I want to get 950 Oranges in to my farm.

That's 11 Baskets/persons (825 Oranges) (So 1 Basket each)  -  PLUS 2 persons taking one more round. (75 + 50)


This calculation;  (the PLUS 2 persons)...

How do I get this sober and clean??



I need to tell FM that it should get a full number (integer?) through a division.

- AND then tell me what's left, and divide this too...


Any help?