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      hi gang,


      so I am trying to run the DDR and I get this message popup. an anyone help with what this means


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          This happened to me a while back. It means there is an invalid character somewhere. To actually find out where, what I did was go to the temp file (It's right where it says it is), rename it to a ".fmp12" file, and find the correct column and line. This will show you what the invalid character is, and if you follow the hierarchy, it'll show you which layout it occurs on.


          I tried renaming the file to an xml, cvs, xlsx, etc... but none of them would open. It only opened in .fmp12.


          I'm sure there are much, much better ways to do this, but that's how I did it.

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            This is known issue. Print[] Script Step XML Broken


            The .tmp file is xml, so I wonder how

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              That's what I had read, but no matter what I tried opening it with, it is said it couldn't be opened because of the error. Then I read somewhere that changing a .tmp file to it's original file type would allow it to be opened. Since FileMaker created it, I tried renaming it to .fmp12, and that's how I fixed mine.

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                but the DDR is XML, right?


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                  I tried creating both XML and HTML, when I did it. Neither DDR would open, on Windows or Mac. And the .tmp file wouldn't open on Windows or Mac, unless I changed it to a .fmp12 file and opened it in FileMaker.

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                    What are you using to try to open the XML? Processor apps may "open" but tell you of errors (in the syntax). If you don't have any other app, browsers may show you something. Remember that long documents take longer (and may in fact time out).


                    You also might try creating DDR on just "groups of schema data" (only Layouts, for example). This may pull from other things, but it will be a smaller file to test (or only relationships or only tables or only scripts). If that gets you part way, you know a little better where to look.


                    Also fmdiff.com may be a source to turn to for help with finding problems.



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                      I don't remember what all I tried to use to open it. However, the idea of just using groups of schema data is a fantastic one.