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    Simple charting question, perhaps....


      Newbie to FileMaker Pro 15 (Mac) and I can't seem to figure this out after loads of trying and searching.  Hopefully I can explain this.


      I have two fields which we'll call A & B.


      Both fields have data in them that's more or less like this:


      Field A: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

      Field B: apples, oranges, apples, apples, oranges, apples, apples, oranges


      Field A is related to B in that if Field A #2 is related to oranges.


      I can easily make a chart that will plot B against A (A on x-axis).


      But what I want to do is make a chart that plots just the oranges in B against A.


      Does this make sense?  In other words, how do I just select specific data points in field B to consider and not the entire data set in field B?


      Many thanks, and apologies if this is way to easy....


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          If I understood what you want, you might try the following:


          - define a global field (gFruitName) - you can put it on the layout as pop-up


          - create a calculation field - "PlotThis", defined as If ( B = gFruitName; 1; 0 )


          - plot PlotThis against A

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            Thanks siplus.  I tried it and that doesn't seem to do it. 


            I think this would work if I only had two categories in B, but I actually have 10 (I just wanted to keep the example simple) amongst 300 records.  There's actually 14 categories in A and 10 in B.  I want to be able to plot any one (or two or three) of the 10 in B against all in A.  Just not all of B at the same time.


            It seems there should be a way to just select the data I want in B to be plotted rather than plotting the whole thing.


            Thanks again.

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              louisindc wrote:


              I just wanted to keep the example simple


              That's not always a good idea, not the least because it actually adds a level of complexity: now we have to try and keep a mental model of what you might mean, or what apples and oranges have to do with numbers…


              Anyway, you can try this: assuming you have a (return-delimited, like in a checkbox-formatted field) list of categories to filter B by …


              Let (

              arrayOfBs = "'" & Substitute ( YourTable::selectionFieldForB ; ¶ ; "','" ) & "'" ; // assuming that B is a text field

              ExecuteSQL ( "

                 SELECT SUM ( A )

                 FROM YourTable

                 WHERE B IN (" & arrayOfBs & ")


                 GROUP BY B

                 " ; "" ; ""




              Using the “return delimited values” option of the Chart tool, this result would be your y values, while the original selection field are your x labels.


              Using SUM() is of course just an example, since it is not clear (to me) how you want to aggregate the A field in the found records.

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                Thanks erolst and sorry for the complexity issue.  I’m not really good at this kind of thing….  I’ll give this a shot.