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How do you get WebDirect to connect as Guest on anyone the web?

Question asked by happyez on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

Hi all


I've recently had someone programming for me duck out of doing it (I dont blame him, but that's another story).


All is mostly good except he was able to do something that needs to be done again.


I have a file on a server that is used as the backend database of a web service I have. People can click a button on the website, and go to a layout to enter their email and password.


Two things:

• he was able to circumvent a box that asks for the User and Pass,

• this allows a person to go straight to a signup page.

The URL that was given was https://HOST/fmi/webd#NAME OF FILE, and yes, you could do this (in case anyone says its not possible)


Now, it was working, but I replaced the file with a new one (fixing an older problem) and this breaks. Yes, silly me etc, but I did it.


Does anyone here know how to go from calling up a page on WD (which you can do now in 14, which I am still at), as it happened before, and taking you to a layout, and not have to go through entering your username and password? Apparently you are signing on as Guest.


Thanks in advance to those who help!