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Help. I need to stop an OnOpenFirstWindow trigger script

Question asked by MarkEaston_1 on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by MarkEaston_1

I have written an OnOpenFirstWindow trigger script to run at Login that has been working fine. I made a small change to it and now the script is branching wrongly and I can’t get by it.


The trigger script (onOpenFirstWIndow) looks at access privileges at login (including [Full Access] - a mistake I know realise BIG TIME!) and serves up different start pages depending on the privileges. Also it allows Guest Access to a ‘new user form’. Sadly the change I made to the script now means that any [Full Access] user now goes to the ‘new user form’ and this prohibits any further access to the database.


I have the passwords to 2 [Full Access] accounts but neither will get me past this script bug.


Is there any way to disable this series of trigger scripts and get to a [Full Access] account using one of the passwords?


Any help will really appreciated. Otherwise I lose 4 days of hard core work!