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    FilemakerGO 15 scan QR code not working


      Using the starter solution 'Assets'.

      On two separate iPhones, the scan barcode works sometimes, and scan QR code almost never.

      Downloaded three or four other barcode scanners. They seem to work just fine with the QR codes, and bar codes.

      All barcodes and QR codes i'm trying to scan are supported types by Filemaker.

      Closed all apps on the phone to make sure there were no API conflicts.

      Barcode scanning works better, but the QR code scanning is terrible.

      Anybody else seen this?

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          I've found QR Code scanning in FileMaker Go to usually be more reliable than 1D barcodes, but with some exceptions depending on the content of the QR Code. I've reported one bug with QR Code scanning already, and I'm in the processes of narrowing down and describing another with QR Codes containing certain combinations of Kanji characters. What kinds of data are encoded in the QR Codes you're trying to scan? Can you post examples? How are you generating the QR Codes?

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            Data encoded:

            Basic Alpha string. in this case <Vulcan-SOS-*-00000>

            The numbers are incremented as necessary.

            Generation is happening via "BarTender UltraLite" running on Windows 10.

            Printing on TT03450 printer, branded "Cub" by our vendor.

            Labels I'm printing to are from Barcodes, Inc:


            PolyPro 3000T, 2" x 0.5" Thermal transfer

            polypropylene label. 3,780 labels/roll. 8

            roll case. Also available as a roll.


            Here is a photo of my QR code sticker, taken with my "iPhone Scanner" phone, emailed to my inbox, then snipped with Windows Snip tool, then uploaded to this site. My freebee "inventory" app (along with two other basic scanner apps) can read this QR code off the sticker, off the screen of my iPhone Scanner phone, and off this computer screen quickly and with no issues. FilemakerGo running on that same phone can NOT read this from the sticker, and it can NOT read this off my iPhone Scanner Phone screen, but it CAN read this off my computer screen. The only difference here is the software performing the QR code scan.

            QR for Filemaker.PNG

            Would love to get to the bottom of this. re-printing stickers is NOT an option. We've got a number of them in the field already.


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              AFTER posting the QR code, FilemakerGo can read this QR code just fine as well. I'm not sure why on earth it refuses to read the original sticker.

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                Here's another one. this is stuck to the back of a Fluke meter. Pretty basic application. Can't scan the sticker IRL. Can't scan the phone screen. Scans just fine off my computer screen.


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                  The encoded data doesn't include any characters from the sets I've found problems with in FileMaker Go scanning QR Codes.


                  The print quality on your labels looks somewhat poor. The black modules in the QR Code are bleeding, especially vertically. That doesn't always make a QR Code unscannable — it's obviously working just fine for the right combinations of scanner and display medium (in real life vs. on-screen vs. a photo of in real life on screen) — but it might be making the scanning slower than it could be.


                  I also see that your label doesn't have much of a quiet zone above the QR Code. The QR Code specification requires a minimum of 4 modules on every side. Some scanners cope with a truncated quiet zone better than others.


                  1. What happens if you adjust the label design so that the QR Code has more empty space (on the label) above it?
                  2. What happens if you adjust the label design so the QR Code is bigger? Maybe use the full vertical height of the label (allowing for healthy quiet zones above and below), and move the HRI (human readable interpretation) to the right with the rest of the text.
                  3. What happens if you increase the error correction level for the QR Code?


                  Since you said you can't re-print labels already in the field, using a separate scanning app or a Bluetooth barcode scanner may have to suffice for those.

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                    Markus Schneider

                    We are using an own FileMaker Go app to scan barcodes. For 'bar' barcodes it's very fast and very acurate, better than some office scan-solutions (i.e. therefore)

                    Often, the 'therefore' system fails - but the iPhone (6s) reads those codes perfect ('therefore' is set to relatively low resolution for saving disk space here)


                    When it comes to QR codes, it depends.. there are some smaller codes where it fails - but 'regular' QR codes are no problem.


                    As jbante mentioned, Your prints are of poor quality. Without re-printing, You might try one of the bluetooth (or USB) scanners

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                      Markus Schneider

                      btw. I scanned both of Your example QR codes from the ipad screen, fast, no problem

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                        Also no problem scanning the example 'Fluke' QR code using FileMaker Go 15 on iPhone 6 here... Saved image and opened it on a non-retina display, and even shrunk it down so that the QR code was only 1.2cm wide... Still scanned no problem....

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                          Reviving this.

                          This is, without any doubt, a FIlemakerGo issue. It won't directly scan QR codes reliably for me.

                          It scans barcodes fine. It will not scan my QR codes NOR QR codes from an HP envy laptop box nor from the back of cisco switch products.

                          But -

                          If I take a terrible picture of the QR code, email it to myself as low-res, open that picture on a laptop, my phone will scan the QR code, every.single.time. Fast with no issue.

                          So FilemakerGo can not scan them directly off the sticker or printed box.

                          I've tried this over and over and over, I can re-pro, and I can verify that this is a 100% Filemaker issue.

                          Every single other scanning software I've tried scans these QR codes directly off the sticker/box/product with zero issues.

                          For random download from itunes app store example:

                          the app "inventory" by "Starkode" reads the QR codes just fine, directly off the box or sticker. Same phone that FilemakerGo is running on. Same Camera.

                          Every device I've tried loading FilemakerGo on does the same thing. No direct reading of the QR codes off the box or sticker, but will scan the terrible photo of the QR code just fine.

                          Even to the point of taking super terrible pictures of the QR codes. Bad light, reflections, dim, on a severe angle. Also with the scanning. I don't even hold the phone still. I just wave it in front of the picture on the screen, and it will pick up the QR code. If I hold the device perfectly still (set on a table), directly in front of the QR code (On axis), in a well lit room, tap and wait for it to focus, the phone will NOT scan the direct QR code off the product.

                          Need help from the Filemaker people on this one. Happy to literally send you an envelope of paper stickers and cut out cardboard box tops so you can see this happen.

                          I'm not crazy.

                          This is the only hold-up with us adopting FMP at this point.

                          Is there a 'scanning setup' screen in FilemakerGo? Am I just missing something basic?

                          Please help.

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                            I've seen examples of other iOS apps that can scan QR Codes substantially faster than the library used by FileMaker Go, and I've seen different decoding interpretations between different apps. But I haven't seen any cases where FileMaker couldn't scan a code, but could scan a photo of the same code. I haven't heard anyone else report any unreliability in FileMaker Go's scanning of QR Codes, either (using up-to-date versions).


                            Can you post screenshots of how you've configured the Insert from Device script step? It doesn't quite make sense that that might be part of the issue if FileMaker Go is "successfully" scanning from the photos of your QR Codes, but we may as well check if no one has any other ideas.


                            There may very well be something unique about your situation that other developers and FileMaker Inc. haven't encountered. Have you tried scanning with the ZBar app? I may be misremembering, but I heard that FileMaker Go uses the ZBar library for barcode scanning, so seeing how the ZBar app performs might help discriminate between an issue with how FileMaker Go is using the library (which FileMaker Inc. is well positioned to deal with) vs. an issue with the ZBar library itself (which FileMaker Inc. may be less likely to do something about). You can report FileMaker product issues here.

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                              How much error correction do you have in the qr code?


                              i have found FM go doesn't like ones that are too small And only likes to scan at 90 deg.


                              The smallwe the code gets the more I try to shorten the data string in some way.