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solution protection options with client online/offline

Question asked by Wicktor on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by Wicktor

Hello everyone,


I am writing this fully aware that it may rise a number of different opinions (which would be likely) hoping that someone wants to share his/her experience and advices about protecting a solution with a serial key, issue that I think needs to be explored more in details.

This would cover at least two aspects:

- avoiding illegal copies of the solution

- avoiding installing the solution in multiple computers


1) In the past I have been using a Global calculated text field using the function Get ( SystemNICAddress ).

The user started the solution in trial mode -> a script was sending me an email with information about his/her MAC address -> I had a routine transforming the user MAC address into a text string (the serial key) -> which was sent back to client -> inside client solution a similar routing was verifying if serial key matched his status.

Question 1/A: now with FMP14 would it be better using the function Get ( PersistentID ) instead of Get ( SystemNICAddress ) ?

Question 1/B: are there  more sophisticated ways I am not aware ?


2) Recently I was reported that an increasing number of clients, especially Windows, are using a dedicated computer disconnected from the Internet  for running professional databases collecting "sensitive data of patients" (mainly because of privacy Legal issues).

Therefore I need to find out a new strategy for getting information about their installation and then release a unique serial key.

Questions 2/A: has anyone who experienced successful ideas likes to share hints how to solve this problem ?


Thank you for your kind advices,