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How to assign field to record thru dropdown within portal

Question asked by tomperr on Jun 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2016 by tomperr

I would like to assign personnel listed in a portal to projects by position. I assume a conditional value list will be in play here, but cant seem to show all positions when selecting.Relationships are as follows:

The portal falls in the "all_Projects" table=no problem here.   The portal will allow addition of records.  Within the 1st field, I would like to select a position from those listed in the "team tables".  Once selected, I would like to assign a member, either listed or can be added to the 2nd field within the record.

Ex: members include John, Jane, & Mary.  positions could be SE, finance, and PM.

I would like, in the 1st column to select from either drop down or pop up, SE.  Then in the second column (same record) assign Mary to that role.  I would also like to assign Mike, who is not listed.

Thanks for any help on this.