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How to turn of faulty error message from FM?

Question asked by ChristianNissen on Jun 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by siplus

I frequently swap between formview and tableview with a given set of rows/records/posts in layouts.


EVERY time, I am disturbed with a faulty error message from FM?


"Do You wish to save this change with the layout"  Its faulty when nothing has changed in my eyes? Nothing in the data, nothing in the form or table..


I have tried to turn it OFF, to no avail so far.


Using a scripttrigger "OnViewChange" for the "Projekt layout" that has a single command "Set Error Capture [ON]"


But the faulty error message keeps coming back...


Any ideas on how to send this message to where it belongs...? And how to make it right when asked for? That is only appearing WHEN something HAS changed?