Get ( CurrentTime ) does not format to the iPads selected format

Discussion created by james.currie on Jun 6, 2016
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Product and version

FileMaker Go 15.0


OS and version

iOS 9.3.2



iPad Pro 9.7"



When setting time into a time field via a script the entered time does not match the iPads native date and time setting. eg. using Set Field [ Field ; Get ( CurrentTime ) ]. The iPad inserts into the field the current time formatted in 12 hour time even though the iPad is set to 24 hour time.


How to replicate

On the iPad go to Settings >> General >> Date and Time, set 24-Hour Time to on

Create a new file with a single time field

Create a script which will be set to run as an OnObjectEnter for the field, the script contains a single step Set Field [ Get ( CurrentTime ) ] - (Note that I am not specifying a specific field to set)

Copy the file to the iPad

Tap on the time field, the script will trigger and the time will be entered and formatted in 12 hour time (eg 1:05:55 PM). If the time is then changed using the Time entry popup the format in the field is changed to 24 hour (eg 13:05)



Using the following calculation in the Set Field calculation will return the correct format based on the iPads selected time format


Let (

~Time = Get ( CurrentTime ) ;

Time ( Hour ( ~Time ) ; Minute ( ~Time ) ; Seconds ( ~Time ) )