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web direct dropdown list optimization / workaround

Question asked by trevc on Jun 6, 2016

We are upgrading from FileMaker 11 to 15 server and with it a couple of solutions using WebDirect.


There is a search form that uses about 3 drop down lists that are based on the current unique values of that field.


In 11, the drop down list was more of a quickly scrollable list with scroll bars that if you wanted the name of a person who started with W, it literally took you about 2 seconds to select.


With 15, this drop down list is a very painful solution where one has to continue to click on the down-arrow till they get to the W's.  One can't seem to type a W and jump to that portion of the drop-down either.



Is there any quick workaround strategy?  I was thinking of creating a separate table that walks through the table with the names in it and makes an entry for each unique name and that way I can relate and show in a popup  portal that's quickly scrollable? with a button to pass the name to a script to populate the field.


Seems a big workaround to fix something that wasn't broken and would have to be repeated for each field that has a drop-down list.


Any suggestions?