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How to relate a table to other tables that are already in a relationship

Question asked by Shakib on Jun 4, 2016
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Question: (Please see the attached photo) How can I relate the "staff" table to both "Graphic" and "Comments" tables while keeping it's current relationship to the "Project" table? All the relationships should be one ("Staff" table) to many ("Graphic"," Comments", "Project").


Goal and description of the database: Each project can have several graphic files and several comments. The goal is to set up the database in a way that each graphic, comment, or project record can be associated with a single staff member (i.e. a staff has created that graphic record, comment record, or project record). How is this possible?


Problem: When I relate more than one table as the "many" side to the "staff table" (i.e. the one side), Filemaker pro creates a new occurrence of the table and I do not know how to use that for my purpose. What I am hoping to achieve is to use the information of my staff table on the layouts based on Graphic or Comments tables.


I am a beginner in Filemaker Pro and sorry if my question is too dumb!