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how to keep track of client subscriptions

Question asked by BKamp on Jun 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by bigtom

Hi guys!


I'm looking to implement a subscription management system in my filemaker solution.

Currently my solution keeps track of my clients and their invoices etcetera.


I have one main client table.


with the subscriptions I'd like to:

  1. be able to enter subscription records (sub. A, sub. B, sub C, etc.)
  2. in my client detail layout, assign one or more of these subscriptions to the client.
  3. define a start date and renewal cycle.
  4. get notified in my FM solution whenever I need to sent out an invoice again for the subscription.
  5. keep track of the records (e.g. client is already subscribed for 5 years, one record for each cycle)


example, Client A is assign to Subscription A and Subscription B, both started on 1 Jan 2016 with a payment cycle of one year. On the 1st of December 2016 (one month before) I'd like to get notified (I'll have to create a calc. for this in the clients table I guess) so I can sent out the invoice for next 12 months.


Here's my approach, just like to hear how you guys think about it before I start building:

  1. Create a Subscription table
  2. Create Clients_Subscription_jointable to keep track of the subscriptions by adding a portal with this as source to the client detail layout
  3. in this portal I can create a new records for each payment cycle and select the subscription this record

sounds easy enough to me, Im just stuck on how to do the cyclus check that will notify me when I need to sent out an invoice.


Thanks guys!