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Limiting the contents of a subsummary report

Question asked by davehob on Jun 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by erolst

I have a fairly standard subsummary report, which list related records for selected people. (The related records are ‘outcome scores’ – date, outcome indicator, and score obtained, held in an Interactions table.)


The report has to show the total number of scores for each person, so I have a summary field in Interactions, defined as a count of Interactions::id.  So, with the report layout based on Interactions, I do a Find of all the Interactions meeting the criteria specified (date range, outcome type, etc.), then, when it’s sorted by People::id, I get a subsummary for each person, with the total number of scores.  All fine so far.


But the users now want to be able to limit the report to only those people who have obtained a given number of outcomes – e.g. show me everybody who scored 3 or more outcomes (with the required number of outcomes to be selected by the user as part of the report selection criteria).


I’m having trouble working out how to do this.  I’m thinking that I need to test the value of the summary field before it exists!  Any help with this mental block much appreciated,