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FM 15 Launch Errors on Console. Why?

Question asked by JorgeLaespada on Jun 6, 2016


Freshly installed FM15 on quite new iMac (MacOS 10.11.5)

FM crashes two three frequently.

Files have been recently converted from FM11 to FM15 (fmp12)


The Mac Console says, on launching:


35 times/lines:

Cocoa scripting error for '0x00000009': four character codes must be four characters long.


2 times/lines:

.sdef warning for type 'list' attribute 'ID' of class 'cell' in suite 'Subset of the Core, Table, and Database suites': AppleScript ID references may not work for this property because its type is not NSNumber- or NSString-derived.


Although I have searched on this forums, only a clue on LDAP I could not understand properly.

Any idea?


Thanks in advance !!



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