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    List of names in a field, without duplicates


      Hi, I am new to Filemaker (15) and I am stuck with the following issue:


      I have created a database of exhibitions and artworks, with two tables. One with exhibition details and one with artwork details, including artist names.The key between the two tables is an unique exhibition ID.


      On the exhibition layout (It relates to one particular exhibition) I would like to have one field that lists all the artist names of those who exhibit in exhibition E, but I do not want names repeated if the artist features with more than one artwork.

      I tried this: I created a summary field with the option: list of [name of artist field]

      This results, on a field in the exhibition layout, in a list of artists in exhibition E, but it lists artist A multitple times because he/she features multiple times.

      Also, ideally, I would like to format the summary of names as Artist A, Artist B, Artist C, etc., that is, not a vertical list.


      I looked through questions that look like mine but have not found (or recognised?) a solution yet.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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          There are ways of doing this with plugins or Custom Functions, but if you want to avoid any of that, then you can use a Value List defined to list related field values, and then a calculation to list those value list items, and substituting the list's carriage returns with commas.... Sounds a bit convoluted, but really quite simple...


          See attached file which demonstrates this technique :-)


          Note that the calculation which displays the list of unique artists is UNSTORED, which is necessary for this to work.

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            Thanks skywillmott, that worked no problem. A very nice calculation in your example.


            Seeing my list of artists makes me realise I have to delete trailing spaces in all my records. I saw there is a trim(text) function, so I need to learn how to use the scrips part of Filemaker to do that for all existing records.


            many thanks,