Filemaker Server onwards causing frozen sessions but not crashing

Discussion created by eduncle on Jun 6, 2016
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We have a few databases running on a server and periodically, the server will become unresponsive to web direct, pro and go clients.


This will usually happen during times of moderate activity (less than 10 users most often, mostly using WebD or Go) or when running a server script, this issue never happened under previous versions on FMS14 and was running reliably on for many months, since upgrading to or later (including FMS15), the issue occurs daily sometimes multiple times.  Rolling back to resolves the issue.


When the issue occurs, users can still log on via WedDirect, Go or Pro.  But they get a blank screen (WebD users get the Filemaker Navigation button at top-left but it is unresponsive and this should be hidden in the open script).


Logs show issues with lock conflicts during a daily backup with 2 database users Admin (); Admin() but I don't have a user account of that name.


The server is as follows: -


Dell R620

2 x Intel 6 Core  Xeon E5-2630 v2 @ 2.6 GHz


Perc H710 RAID w/ 4 x 15k RPM 300GB disks in RAID10

Windows 2012R2 Standard

All hardware drivers and recommended or critical windows updates are installed.

Any help would be appreciated.